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Working together

M2P addresses
your needs to :

Anticipate, develop and test out technologies
  • Resolving technology and scientific issues
  • Developing technology bricks and platforms
  • Developing demonstrators
  • Assisting with manufacturer skills ramp-up, best practices
  • Coordinating doctoral and post-doctoral programmes
  • Optimising process parameters
  • Developing materials
Access to unique platforms on an industrial scale
  • Access to equipment, with or without R&D assistance
  • Technical training and tests in an industrial environment
Bring technology to maturity faster
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Proof of concept
  • Product dimensioning
  • Prototype production
  • Technical and economic assessment
Be advised about how to implement a technology
  • Testing and characterisation
  • Advice, consultancy & expertise
  • Technology transfer
  • Pre-series production

M2P proposes flexible &
adapted modes of collaboration

IRT M2P has access to dedicated funds as part of the French government’s “invest in the future” programme, the Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA), to jointly fund R&D projects and feasibility studies.

R&D projects

These projects have the support of IRT M2P and are mainly carried out using our skills on our facilities, generally in response to the combined research needs of several manufacturers.

  • The partners define the research programme, which is jointly produced with the IRT M2P teams.
  • Projects progressively take form based on a selection and funding access process in which IRT M2P is proficient.
  • Partners who have contributed to these projects – major groups, medium-sized enterprises, SMEs and/or academic partners – have preferential access to the results.
Feasibility studies

This partnership approach enables the following:

  • Definition of the work specifications for a new platform
  • Studies into new ways to use a platform already available at IRT M2P
  • Ascertain the need for a go/no go for a future project.

Collaborative projects co-financed by calls for projects (CFP)

These projects are launched in response to various regional, national or European calls for projects to build on shared results concerning innovative research.

  • IRT M2P combines its skills with the consortium’s skills
  • Project development and filing as per the CFP timetable
  • The success rate depends on the call for project

Private R&D

This service offering, which depends on the skills and resources available at IRT M2P, provides a tailor-made response to the specific needs of the applicant manufacturer. 

  • No pooling needed
  • Projects are set up quickly and simply (B2B relationship)
  • The applicant owns the results
  • IRT M2P has been approved for research tax credits


IRT M2P carries out tests and characterisation (available on quotation)